Welcome, Wizard!

Do you love WOWP fan fiction? In this Wizards of Waverly Place wiki, you can write the episodes the way you wanted them to happen, use your own Wizards of Waverly Place episode ideas and create pages about them or just browse around, looking for some good fan fiction! So edit and add pages, remembering all the while to have fun!


What exactly is this wiki for?

That's easy enough to answer: this wiki is for your imagination to blossom! Were you not happy with a recent episode and wish you could change it up? Do you have an episode idea at the top of your head that you really want to share, but just don't know where to do it? Well, that's why this wiki is here! Write your version of the latest Wizards of Waverly Place episode, comment on other's efforts, and basically just have a good time, 'kay? Cool.

Your series/season

Now let's say you've been writing a couple of fics. And they can be considered as your series/season because they seem to be grouped up together as continuity to an episode that the writers of the show have created, or you have created. If that's the case, give 'em a category so that people can read all your story plots/fan fictions!

In the case of

So you've written a fic on and you want it to get noticed for the people. Well, what better place to go but here? If you want it to get recognized create a new page and give that page the usual introduction. Give a link to your story on there, for example: "Wizards vs. Examples, a fan fiction on". See the stuff that's in bold? Yeah, that's where your external links should be, the first one leading to your story and the second one leading to's home page. Got it? Good.

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