The Russos Meet Lexi
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Alexiaalexia
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"Memories of Kindergarten"
The Russos Meet Lexi is a fan-created episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


The Russo family meets a misheivous, clever and somewhat weird girl named Lexi, whom Max dislikes immediately although she is very similar to him in many ways. Lexi doesn't seem to be too fond of Max, either, calling him "that ugh kid". Max constantly teases and tries to humiliate Lexi, who later promises Max that she'll beat him up after school. They host their fight and after it is over, Max is found by the Russos and Harper. Apparently he was knocked out within the first three minutes of the match and can't remember what happened during the fight, but he reveals that Lexi seemed to be stronger than she usually is, proving that he has tested her strength before. In retaliation, Max tries to use his powers to injure Lexi, but it actually ends up nearly killing her, as his anger makes his powers stronger.