1. At first Harper and Alex see a giant monster and it drinks all magic of Alex and Harper makes ka-ra-te kick and Lava Beast release the energy... to Harper! The scenery explodes.
  2. Harper wakes up at destroyed Sub Station and finds Professor Crumbs who tells Harper that she has the power from Alex and Justin. Harper goes to find Justin but instead she finds the beast and she transforms to submarine but fails. Harper finds herself at choose of 3 transformations.
  3. Harper is at her mind and only thing she sees is herself at black limbo. Meanwhile Max drains power from Wizard Heart and tries to defeat monster. Lava Beast rampages and drains his energy. Back at The Mind of Harper, Brain Crane falls from sky. Harper put it on and wakes up with Alex and Justin, Harper tries for them to release the energy but it does not works. Lava Beast appears...
  4. Max at Jedi costume says that Harper needs to find out all transformations. Harper at Harbor finds the monster that wants to go to the other edge but Harper stops it using flying power and sniper arm. Harper release the magic and go back home.